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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Run away

Run away

I dream of a day 
where we are far away
Far away from the things that drives you insane

Pack your bags...
For tonight my love
is the last day 
Your lips will embrace mine in fear
In Fear of the demons that might harm us 
 You know where to meet me
at 12:00am
At the place where we first met
There you are standing
With your bag hanging off your left arm
I flicker my lights 
You ran across the street to my car 
I can feel your heart bleed with fear
I held your hands 
 kiss your shaking lips

Ingonito we'll go into the mist of the night 
Saying goodbye
Never to return 
Our fate is unknown...

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Just incase

Just incase 

Just incase a atom Bomb 
Comes Falling and obliterating 
This place we call home 
And I never see you again 
I should say 
I've loved our infinite conversations 
And every dropped calls
Every photos
Every tease
Every wine 
And cyber kisses 
We've shared
We've seen each other's hair 
change color and length 
Over night 
And to know 
We may never see them
Turn the colors of tombstones 

I fantasize 
That when we are old
We'd sit outside the door 
Of our house 
Watching the clouds dance 
Across the sky in Harmony 
And I'd kiss your face 
letting you know
You radiate as though 
You were made with glorious bones

And last my love 

Just incase the sky 
Gets Wrinkles under her eyes
And floods the planet
With her tears 
I don't want to forget to say 
You are my sweet surprise 
The coconut inside my chocolate 
You are a taste of heaven 

Live forever....


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cold Meadow

Don't you Cry For me Mother
Wipe The Tears From your Eyes
I'm no longer alone

Its Cold Out In The Meadow
But I've got Me a Coat 
Of Many colours
And now My Time has come
and I am Worth it 
Because I've waited For it 

Though many times I've come up Short
God Never Left me
And In Salty tears I no longer drown

But I had to go through it
For my soul needed the flooding 
because my past 
was stained with Blood

Its Hard 
To Let Go
I know, I've Cried 
but you don't have much time 
so wrap yourself in righteous arms 
And Be warm
Warmth In The Cold Meadow

Written By
*Dwight Mckie*

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I miss you
I can't move on
And heavens know I'm trying
I wish you didn't get that mad at me

Maybe we'd still be together now
And maybe it would have been me holding your hands
At the altar

Maybe you'd be wearing your favorite stone topaz
I wonder if he knows
I wonder if he tells you how much he loves you
And that you are the best thing to have ever happened to him 
Or that he sits for hours staring at the skies creating cloud images of you 

Maybe we weren't meant to be
Maybe I was meant to love you
And grow old longing to touch you

I'd lie and say am fine
But I'm hallow without you
There is no passion for anything
I try to hold my heart together
to keep it from shattering into a  million pieces 

I keep silent 
but silence is violent
when you are hurting 
You say hurtful stuff

Maybe you lied about you're marriage to hurt me
And if you see me again 
You'd learn to love me again

Friday, January 4, 2013

Broken Vial In the Meadow

Broken Vial In The Meadow

I kissed your lips one last time
and i knew you were no longer mine
I gazed into your eyes
As the lights fell from the sky

Weep for yourself Troubled eyes
you've seen the rise and the fall 
Of your parents 
infinite romance
on carpet floor 
they danced in defeat

Weep for yourself Troubled eyes
for the eggs you have broken 
mother hen is warning me
sit still and you'll find
in the barn 
next to a borrow
Maryann with milk in a vial

bottoms up
poison in my blood
the demons clouded my wisdom
and love was hiding behind my tongue

So i spit it out
choking on broken bottles
the pain was too much to swallow
and with fist filled with fear 
I clenched her throat

Now weep for yourself Maryann
like knives her knees fell to the ground
with lips dripping blood 
i kissed her 
And I whispered i love you

You said nothing
but i see you choking
and tripping over you tongue
The words you hold within
I love you too 
were spoken in your tears

Now we are like spirits 
walking away fading into the meadow
so may our past be a candlelight
that paves the way
And never forget me

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Whole Again

There are days i rather to be away
from it all,
To be in your arms to stay,
when i'm with you it drowns out
the noise of the city.
I'm standing on the white lines
On this broken road,
people like speeding cars
Passes me by,
With drops of blood dripping from my eyes

Here I stand
pillow in my hand
wearing marina and white boxers the raggedy one
They all see my my childhood scars
the ones i try to hide
they cackle at the retard

now the crowd gathers around
pockets full of stone
Like bullets words hurt to the bone
they all threw their own

but not you
my faithful Samaritan
you've come my way
my fair lady
you stepped in the midst
and you held your own
against that crowd
you spoke the words and
You inspired this retard
to be whole!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Fall, Fall For You

It feels like tonight
I"ve found my heart again
never thought of the possibilities 
Of being on my knees 
That i'd fall for you
Because I fell in love before
And landed on a hard floor
Yet still I fall
I fall for you

When I'm with you
My problems 
My sorrows
They all seem to fade
You made this Lonely Loner 
A happy camper

For so long it felt like 
I was being Punished
Instead of Camping
Like the other kids
I was sent to summer school

But some how my darling my love
It led me to you
Life is the teacher that sentenced me
And now I'm in detention with you
I know its premature
But It feels so Good!
I fall, I fall for you

written By 
Dwight Mckie