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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Whole Again

There are days i rather to be away
from it all,
To be in your arms to stay,
when i'm with you it drowns out
the noise of the city.
I'm standing on the white lines
On this broken road,
people like speeding cars
Passes me by,
With drops of blood dripping from my eyes

Here I stand
pillow in my hand
wearing marina and white boxers the raggedy one
They all see my my childhood scars
the ones i try to hide
they cackle at the retard

now the crowd gathers around
pockets full of stone
Like bullets words hurt to the bone
they all threw their own

but not you
my faithful Samaritan
you've come my way
my fair lady
you stepped in the midst
and you held your own
against that crowd
you spoke the words and
You inspired this retard
to be whole!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Fall, Fall For You

It feels like tonight
I"ve found my heart again
never thought of the possibilities 
Of being on my knees 
That i'd fall for you
Because I fell in love before
And landed on a hard floor
Yet still I fall
I fall for you

When I'm with you
My problems 
My sorrows
They all seem to fade
You made this Lonely Loner 
A happy camper

For so long it felt like 
I was being Punished
Instead of Camping
Like the other kids
I was sent to summer school

But some how my darling my love
It led me to you
Life is the teacher that sentenced me
And now I'm in detention with you
I know its premature
But It feels so Good!
I fall, I fall for you

written By 
Dwight Mckie

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Dance Floor Of Love (Intoxicated)

Its been a year now
And it still feels like last year
Still flying with my feet on the ground
This place is a prison 

We resort ourselves to drinking beer
At the local bar
And what for?
Because we are broken people 
living under a loaded gun 
Anything can happen

It sure sucks to get your heart broken though
Someone once said 
"wise words don't stop the bleeding"
But its true though
for everything happens for a reason

Now here we are again
trying on jacket suits
My friend is getting married
I'm a grooms man
Can't be pessimistic
He's in Love!

Friday, March 16, 2012


So this is what i have resorted to
Alone in an empty room
Filled with taunting memories 
There are evil faces outside my window

As a monument to remind me of my past
They cleave to my crooked heart
I don't know how to erase 
these engraving on my diverted path

i make several attempts
To appeal his approval  
I wanted to hear the words
Yet i heard nothing 
but i wait
after all there is nowhere else
For me to go
He is the only escape
One day I'll die
while he lives on Forever

You are my hero Jesus
you did it you pleased the Father 
My attempts feel as those of 
But I crave his acknowledgement
long for his rescue 
I need his Healing Power.

Eyes teary and filled with hope
I sit attentively 
with mind swarmed with dreams
and anticipation
I  wait....