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Friday, August 17, 2012

Fall, Fall For You

It feels like tonight
I"ve found my heart again
never thought of the possibilities 
Of being on my knees 
That i'd fall for you
Because I fell in love before
And landed on a hard floor
Yet still I fall
I fall for you

When I'm with you
My problems 
My sorrows
They all seem to fade
You made this Lonely Loner 
A happy camper

For so long it felt like 
I was being Punished
Instead of Camping
Like the other kids
I was sent to summer school

But some how my darling my love
It led me to you
Life is the teacher that sentenced me
And now I'm in detention with you
I know its premature
But It feels so Good!
I fall, I fall for you

written By 
Dwight Mckie

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