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Friday, January 4, 2013

Broken Vial In the Meadow

Broken Vial In The Meadow

I kissed your lips one last time
and i knew you were no longer mine
I gazed into your eyes
As the lights fell from the sky

Weep for yourself Troubled eyes
you've seen the rise and the fall 
Of your parents 
infinite romance
on carpet floor 
they danced in defeat

Weep for yourself Troubled eyes
for the eggs you have broken 
mother hen is warning me
sit still and you'll find
in the barn 
next to a borrow
Maryann with milk in a vial

bottoms up
poison in my blood
the demons clouded my wisdom
and love was hiding behind my tongue

So i spit it out
choking on broken bottles
the pain was too much to swallow
and with fist filled with fear 
I clenched her throat

Now weep for yourself Maryann
like knives her knees fell to the ground
with lips dripping blood 
i kissed her 
And I whispered i love you

You said nothing
but i see you choking
and tripping over you tongue
The words you hold within
I love you too 
were spoken in your tears

Now we are like spirits 
walking away fading into the meadow
so may our past be a candlelight
that paves the way
And never forget me