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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cold Meadow

Don't you Cry For me Mother
Wipe The Tears From your Eyes
I'm no longer alone

Its Cold Out In The Meadow
But I've got Me a Coat 
Of Many colours
And now My Time has come
and I am Worth it 
Because I've waited For it 

Though many times I've come up Short
God Never Left me
And In Salty tears I no longer drown

But I had to go through it
For my soul needed the flooding 
because my past 
was stained with Blood

Its Hard 
To Let Go
I know, I've Cried 
but you don't have much time 
so wrap yourself in righteous arms 
And Be warm
Warmth In The Cold Meadow

Written By
*Dwight Mckie*

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