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Friday, March 16, 2012


So this is what i have resorted to
Alone in an empty room
Filled with taunting memories 
There are evil faces outside my window

As a monument to remind me of my past
They cleave to my crooked heart
I don't know how to erase 
these engraving on my diverted path

i make several attempts
To appeal his approval  
I wanted to hear the words
Yet i heard nothing 
but i wait
after all there is nowhere else
For me to go
He is the only escape
One day I'll die
while he lives on Forever

You are my hero Jesus
you did it you pleased the Father 
My attempts feel as those of 
But I crave his acknowledgement
long for his rescue 
I need his Healing Power.

Eyes teary and filled with hope
I sit attentively 
with mind swarmed with dreams
and anticipation
I  wait....

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