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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Unwrapping The Gift

 Danced across the floor
 where we stand...
You stare me in the eyes 
But there is a Empty Void
No words to say...

Our Eyes Are Troubled
We've seen many Tears and Laughter
Billy and Mandy are engaged to be Married
But broke up instead

Fallen into The unfortunate scenario of
Soul Mates separated by Distance and Time
This Made us so doubtful 
Of  The perfect Fairy tale 
No relationship started online 
will last forever.. (they Said)

Sometimes we yell
And For the first time 
There is no mercy in your Voice
Cant find a solution 
So we break up again

I wish it would rain 
to hide the tears
 I hold back inside
Wishing makes no sense
Cause i cant see you through this thick Fence

We attempt to seize every Moment that we meet
But its never enough
Walking away makes sense
just to put us both out of this torment

But for some reason We cant let go
Its like someone wrapped my gift with a tight Bow..
and it just wont let loose...
But every Knot has a weak point 

To Be Continued...

Unwrapping The Gift

Copy written By: Dwight Mckie

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