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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Just incase

Just incase 

Just incase a atom Bomb 
Comes Falling and obliterating 
This place we call home 
And I never see you again 
I should say 
I've loved our infinite conversations 
And every dropped calls
Every photos
Every tease
Every wine 
And cyber kisses 
We've shared
We've seen each other's hair 
change color and length 
Over night 
And to know 
We may never see them
Turn the colors of tombstones 

I fantasize 
That when we are old
We'd sit outside the door 
Of our house 
Watching the clouds dance 
Across the sky in Harmony 
And I'd kiss your face 
letting you know
You radiate as though 
You were made with glorious bones

And last my love 

Just incase the sky 
Gets Wrinkles under her eyes
And floods the planet
With her tears 
I don't want to forget to say 
You are my sweet surprise 
The coconut inside my chocolate 
You are a taste of heaven 

Live forever....


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