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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


It gets harder everyday
as the night star makes her way
up into the sky
to watch over these troubled eyes

and that’s when we meet
 at this love wall of defeat
wide and tall
is the wall
that never falls

its like going to see my dad in jail
standing on the other side of the iron vale
under the watch of the warden's eyes
 passing notes hoping not be caught
just trying to make you smile

behind this wall
we've cried
and we've fought
We've made up
I've bought you a pup

rubbing my fingers on the surface
hoping to touch your face
blowing kisses
to my Mrs

like a gangster I'm gonna fight
fight to break down this wall
with all my might

but I need your help
we will hit
on the same brick
  and cause it to chip

but you can't see the brick
that I've chosen
so let your heart be your guide
and chip by chip
this wall will break
to lead us to our fate.

By. Dwight Mckie

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