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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Whole Again

There are days i rather to be away
from it all,
To be in your arms to stay,
when i'm with you it drowns out
the noise of the city.
I'm standing on the white lines
On this broken road,
people like speeding cars
Passes me by,
With drops of blood dripping from my eyes

Here I stand
pillow in my hand
wearing marina and white boxers the raggedy one
They all see my my childhood scars
the ones i try to hide
they cackle at the retard

now the crowd gathers around
pockets full of stone
Like bullets words hurt to the bone
they all threw their own

but not you
my faithful Samaritan
you've come my way
my fair lady
you stepped in the midst
and you held your own
against that crowd
you spoke the words and
You inspired this retard
to be whole!