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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Choose Your Cup Wisely

Am I better off Dead?
or am I better off a quitter?

I dont know how I'm still alive
I poured Wine
But the truth is 
I drank
sweet poison 
from the serpents Cup

Why didn't I stop
I knew what it was
but still I swallowed anyway

Now I'm intoxicated 
slowly it brings me to my death
should I remain in the Chapel
or should I throw my hands up like others
before me?

I'm hurting
I wear a smile 
Cause I swear they'll never see me cry
You are the antidote I need
But they say I cant be cured

Then there is no Hope for me
So like a Groom left at the Alter
I run to my local bar

after the drugs are done
I still feel like dying
My Cup is better...

Let steady Hands be your Guide
Choose your cup wisely
cause you'll have to drink from it.

Writting By. Dwight Mckie

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