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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I miss you
I can't move on
And heavens know I'm trying
I wish you didn't get that mad at me

Maybe we'd still be together now
And maybe it would have been me holding your hands
At the altar

Maybe you'd be wearing your favorite stone topaz
I wonder if he knows
I wonder if he tells you how much he loves you
And that you are the best thing to have ever happened to him 
Or that he sits for hours staring at the skies creating cloud images of you 

Maybe we weren't meant to be
Maybe I was meant to love you
And grow old longing to touch you

I'd lie and say am fine
But I'm hallow without you
There is no passion for anything
I try to hold my heart together
to keep it from shattering into a  million pieces 

I keep silent 
but silence is violent
when you are hurting 
You say hurtful stuff

Maybe you lied about you're marriage to hurt me
And if you see me again 
You'd learn to love me again

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