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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Getting started

Getting Started 
Are the first two words that greeted me
as I logged on
With a simple click of a button 
it began 
my blogging  pandemonium.....

a friend thought having a blog would be good for me

He thinks I'm troubled....
But troubled is too little of a word
 to depict my bipolar Aptitude 

But what is a Blog though?
an Addiction?
an Obsession?
a Hallucination that people actually care about what you write? 

Frankly I don't care much for it....
But... here i am sending this thing into a Immense Void
I guess I am troubled after all
But rehabilitation centers are overrated these days

So much for an introduction 
wouldn't you say...
Welcome To my Circus
 where I'm the Ringmaster 
Anything Can Happen!

1 comment:

  1. yeahh!!!yute me like it ....do yo thing and all the best for things to come and pray Gods blessing over ur life',',',',',',',','',',',',''''''''',,,,,,,,,'''''''''',',',',',',',',',',','